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Hurry - Available only until August 31, 2010

Let's face it - the stock MacGregor galley leaves something to be desided. The built-in cupboard offers just one little door to access the whole storage area. It wastes a lot of useable space and it's not very convenient to use. The MacGregor Sailing Pages are proud to feature a great product that can help you make better use of your galley.

The replacement galley cupboard shown here is a completely remolded fiberglass facia incorporating the appearance and style of the original, but now allowing easy access to the cupboard through three opening doors. The original Perspex pocket and centre door panels are retained and are easily fitted to the new panel which is slightly wider but does not require any additional cutting to the interior.

Note - some of you have maybe noticed this but we didn't until it was already too late: These pictures were taken with the galley face upside-down! Neither I nor my lovely assistant noticed it until Bob himself pointed it out. Fortunately we installed it the correct way and it is shown with the proper orientation in the installation pages.

Click Here for Installation Instructions

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