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Hurry - Available only until August 31, 2010

Dear fellow MacGregor owners,

I have a fiberglass production shop located in Australia. We make our own patterns etc., so when it comes to mods for my Mac 26, I have a distinct advantage.

Mods that I have completed include a main sheet traveller, lockable cockpit locker covers, a remolded galley face replacement, a quick-attach galley shelf, and new rudders giving better control. These mods have been done to a high standard not only for improvements to my own boat, but so that other MacGregor owners could also benefit from them.

Together with the MacGregor Sailors pages, I am excited to be able to offer these items for sale through the Online Catalog. My MacGregor Mods provide an easy way to enhance your boat so that you spend less time working and more time sailing!


Bob McWilliam

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