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Hurry - Available only until August 31, 2010

This is a locking cockpit locker cover sized to fit a MacGregor 26X. The kit comes with two matching locker covers. The hatch covers provide a clean, finished look to your MacGregor and provide a more secure storage area for miscellaneous items.

   The locker covers are constructed of molded fiberglass with a gelcoat finish to match the finish of your MacGregor. They were designed to allow two empty Yamaha fuel tanks to sit side-by-side pointed outward to increase storage area in the lockers. While designed to accommodate Yamaha tanks, they will also work with others. As long as your entire tank fits inside the locker, then this hatch cover should work.

Please note: it is not a good idea to store fuel in enclosed spaces on your boat where fuel fumes could accumulate. Therefore, you should use the cockpit locker covers to store only empty fuel tanks or other miscellaneous objects.

Since the covers lock shut, you can use the hatches for storage of things such as buckets, sponges, ropes, and other items that you don't want to store inside the cabin and not have to worry about them falling out when you heel over. The covers are great for helping to to keep rain, leaves, and other debris from collecting in the open hatches.

The Southco locking catches are non corrosive having been manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel. When installing the locker cover, the closure adjusting bolt should have the excess thread cut off to avoid rubbing on items inside the locker. The locker cover may need slight trimming to fit properly in an unmodified cockpit locker and there are markings on the cover showing where you may need to trim.

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