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Take your MacGregor from the trailer to the water faster than you ever thought possible by using the tips and techniques described in the Speedy Rigger videos.
Available in NTSC Format on VHS and DVD for the US/Canada

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Single handed demonstrations throughout, Speedy Rigger Sailing And Video just what you need to reduce rigging time and understand the basics to improve your sailing! See how you can go from launch ramp to water faster and learn basic sailing tips such as how to set your sails and "read" the approaching wind.
The Rigging Film features approximately 75 minutes of tips, the Sailing Film features approximately 90 minutes of on-the-water sailing and tips. Each comes with an itemized table of contents listing start times for each topic.

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Video #1: Speedy Steps To Rig And De-Rig Your Boat And Sails
Featuring Edited Voice Dubbed Instruction
Includes Written Step-By-Step Instructions For Rigging And De-Rigging

1) Rig Boat In 10:35 (10 Minutes And 35 Seconds); Close-Ups Follow
2) Launch Ramp: Backing Trailer And Launching
3) Rig, Raise and Lower Mainsail And Genoa; Sailshape Tips
4) Rig Boat: Close Ups Of Key Tips
5) De-Rigging The Boom And Mast On The (GLASSY SMOOTH!) Water
6) De-Launching In A Crosswind: Jeff's Tip For Centering Boat On The Trailer
7) The MacGregor Scoot (aka: "MacGregor Bump")
8) The Windbarry Trailer Pin: How To Back Your Trailer Uphill
9) Hitching-Up Tips
10) The (Brian) Ripley Believe It Or Not! 1 Minute Rig & Launch
11) De-Rig Boat In 11:58 Minutes, Includes Three Mast Raising/Lowerings
12) Motoring WOT (Wide Open Throttle): A 50 HP Sailboat

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Video #2: Steps To Sail Your Boat: A Simple Guide To Sailing
Come Aboard For Some Sailing Lessons! (Viewed From On The Boat)

1) Genoa & Mainsail
2) Setting The Sails, Steadying Your Course
3) Tacking, Knockdown Avoidance, Reading The Wind, Telltales
4) Checking Your Sailtrim, Right Of Way
5) Spinnaker & Mainsail
6) Spinnaker, Mainsail AND Genoa: Fly 3 Sails On A Run
7) How To Heave-To & De-Rig Mainsail; Sailing Genoa Only
8) Genoa & Mainsail On A Run

Video #2 Bonus Material:

  • Cheap & Easy Mods
  • Simple Tips: Boat Inventory
  • MacX Dinette Berth Cushion Layout
  • What is a PFDV w/ Harness, Tether, Jackline?

Read The Reviews. Click Here!

Speedyrigger Sailing And Video is not affiliated with MacGregor Yacht Corporation. Please use any information or tips from the video you deem appropriate at your own risk and adapt it to your best advantage. I believe every trailer sailor will benefit from these videos with improved sailing skills and less time rigging. Thanks for your interest in Speedy Rigger Sailing And Video!

All videos produced by Jeff Stagg
MacX2284F898 "Three Suns"

All video content and images copyright Jeff Stagg.

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