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Apostle Islands 2000 - Our First Big Adventure

by Cary Johnson and Heath Johnson

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Friday, June 2nd, 2000 - Part One

by Heath

Woke up at 7:05 to nice sunny skies and a light breeze. Untied the eight we had holding us in place and were under way at 7:30. We had hot water in the thermos from last night and used it for coffee and hot chocolate and had cold cereal as we were sailing. It was really nice to be sailing again after a day and a half tied to a dock and we were able to shed some clothing in the sun. We sailed off east from South Twin and then went east between Ironwood and Cat Islands. Our goal was to reach the Stockton Island dockage to spend the day there.

As we passed Cat Island we saw some kayakers heading out for the day. As we sat bobbing in the light breeze and they paddled past they asked if we had heard any weather forecasts lately and we told them that we had just been getting static for the past couple of days. Those were the only people we saw today besides some rangers at Presque Island.

The wind from the Northwest died as we were between Outer Island and the east end of Stockton. There were some big rollers coming in from the Northeast and hitting us broadside as we sat bobbing without any wind. After two hours of trying to sail, we finally decided to crank up the motor and start making forward progress again.

The northeast side of Stockton Island has amazing rock caves at the shoreline weathers from thousands of years of waves and wind. The southeast side of Stockton has Julian bay which has at least a mile of nice sandy shoreline. We were able to sail for quite a while wing-and-wing which is always fun.

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