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Apostle Islands 2000 - Our First Big Adventure

by Cary Johnson and Heath Johnson

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Friday, June 2nd, 2000 - Part Two

by Heath

We sailed past Julien bay and around Presque Island into Presque Bay. This bay has a very nice protected harbor built up from huge granite rocks holding up a cement and wood dock. There were some rangers sitting on the bock and eating lunch. Within another half an hour another NPS boat came in carrying another ranger with a load of lumber and a riding lawn mower. It was funny to see the little boat come into the harbor with a lawn mower strapped on the back of it.

It started clouding up a little bit but was still pretty nice and warm outside. We brought the grill to shore and cooked a big lunch and listened to Rush Limbough on the radio. After lunch we each took a nap for a while - who knows how long since neither of have been looking at a watch very much for the whole time we've been up here.

After the nap Dad went exploring on the island and I stayed on the boat to study. He came back from Julien bay and we took another hike down Anderson trail past some really nice campsites on Stockton. The trail circled a marsh and then took us back to the far end of Julien bay right on the sandy beach we had seen earlier in the day.

We saw this really weird tree that I had to stop and get a picture with, and we also got to walk over a swamp on a crazy catwalk that went up and down a foot with each successive support.

While the beach looked great as we sailed past it earlier, it was even more impressive from shore. It was wide and smooth and it seemed like it stretched out forever as we walked the entire distance in the soft sand.

Reaching the end of the beach the sun was starting to set so we took the trail Dad had had been on earlier in the day back to the boat just in time to catch the sunset. Dad went below and I brought stuff to shore to cook some soup and make more coffee and hot chocolate. This is unusually late for us at 11:30 so we better hit the sack so we can get in a good day of sailing and exploring tomorrow.

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