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Apostle Islands 2000 - Our First Big Adventure

by Cary Johnson and Heath Johnson

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Thursday, June 1st, 2000

by Cary

Today I woke up around 7:30 a.m. and didn't want to get out of the nice warm sleeping bag. I realized it was raining slightly and there was a heavy overcast. During the night the bumpers on the starboard side of the Macgregor had been rubbing against the National Parks dock. I realized that Heath was not in the boat and looking up thru the windows saw him working on the dock lines.

The winds were out of the northeast and pushing the Macgregor against the dock. The bumpers were taking the brunt of the hit. Heath rearranged the dock lines so that three dock lines were tied onshore, two to a log and another to another dock to prevent the boat from bumping into the dock. This was not a day for sailing. So we had cereal for breakfast and heated some water for coffee and chocolate on the outside grill because we were running low on alcohol for the alcohol stove.

We than explored the shoreline and watched the ever increasing wind create heavy wave activity. We decided to stay anchored where we were. About 11 a.m. a group of kayakers showed up on shore near our boat. This was the first group of people we had seen within several miles of us in two days. Actually they were camped on Rocky Island the day before and we had watched them kayak out into Lake Superior. We didn't get out of the cabin to visit because it was so rainy and cold and we were busy downloading pictures from the digital camera to the computer. By the time we finished they were gone. Who in the world would be out in this weather kayaking? It appeared they again were going out into the open waters of Lake Superior. Crazy people. Of course, Heath said he would enjoy it. Right now I would enjoy another hot coffee. With the cold and rainy weather and the cold Lake Superior water underneath the Macgregor we pulled out the West Marine catalog to look at heating units for inside the cabin. Another $100 or so dollars.

by Heath

The day continued to be cold, rainy and windy. We were still well protected at the dock so the boat wasn't rocking around too much. We pretty much spent the day inside the cabin, wrapped up to keep warm. A good day to get some studying or reading done. We sat around in the boat most of the day until we were starting to get cold and hungry.

I went to a campsite on shore and started collecting driftwood and small branches for a fire. Soon we had a nice warm fire going and we cooked a chicken and veggies dish along with some baked beans over the fire. It was nice to get some hot food into our bodies. It was still windy and raining outside but the campsite was well protected with trees so it was more comfortable.

After we finished cleaning up we went back to the boat and got ready to sleep. The wind was still picking up and it was pretty rough out in the bay. After checking all the dock lines again to make sure we would be safe through the night we both went to bed at about 8:30. Crazy since we both usually stay up well past midnight while on shore.

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