Motor on bracket while trailering

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Motor on bracket while trailering

Post by scrawley » Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:37 am

Hello Everyone. Finished my first sail with my "new" '88 26D yesterday. First time for everything; make-ready lane, launching, sail, loading, etc. I have a 1990 6hp Evinrude (heavy). I transported it lying down in the back of my truck, attached it to the motor bracket in the make ready lane and did all in reverse upon returning to shore. My question: Is it prudent to leave the motor mounted on the bracket while traveling to and from the lake?
Sure would make life easier.

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Re: Motor on bracket while trailering

Post by Maraquita » Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:51 pm

Mt motor stays on the boat (8 Horsepower Mariner), but it is mounted directly to the cutout on the transom. If yours is on one of the retractable brackets, that gives you a lot more moment arm to deal with. When I repaired my transom (oh yeah, also a 26D) the reinforcement under the outboard area was only 1/2" plywood glassed in place. That might support the motor if the bolts for your bracket have been properly bedded and it is not rotted out. (mine weren't, and it was). If it were me, I would at least put a strap around it and cinch it up tight so that it cannot bounce.

Maybe drive over a rough road with someone sitting up there to see how much movement you get.

As I get older and am no longer willing to carry that puppy to the back of my truck, I removed the bracket and mounted it directly onto the transom. That turned into a bit of a soup sandwich, but now that it is done the only problem is remembering how to drive it like an old inboard, since the motor does not have room to turn very far. Since I grew up with old inboards, I don't mind.

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