Lake mead water level at an all-time low

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Re: Lake mead water level at an all-time low

Post by Ixneigh » Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:34 am

People didn't even know about the concept of fossil water until geology progressed. It turns out fresh water is pretty scarce on the scale of things. If they raise the price of water to reflect it's true value maybe that free market I heard so much about wouid take care of things.

In terms of the fish sure it's just a minnow but it's habitat may prove quite valuable to humans. They didn't think much of that old swampy Everglades till Florida bay started fermenting. Turns out the two are linked together. Healthy glades helps keep the bay healthy. Now here I am right now enjoying a pretty day in said bay, thankful that someone took action in time. As are all the tourist places, hotels restaurants and fishing guides.


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