Nissan/Tohatsu trim stop

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Nissan/Tohatsu trim stop

Post by waternwaves » Mon Jul 02, 2007 7:56 am


for those of you with your 50 hp nissan/tohatsu's
and 96 through 98 boats....
moderately loaded......i.e... full head/holding tank, 36 gal gas, radar, full enclosure, microwave.......and the other necessities for sailing with an admiral.

Seems that the second from bottom hole for the trim stop is still the best.

any one finding out different?

Took the motor off this weekend to replace another emergency steering mod. Now back on with the Steering cable inserted back into the motor tilt tube.

Funny, I dont remember having to take the motor loose to fit the steering rod in last time. Seems the old cables had a little more flex and smaller bend radius. I must be getting older too, harder to pick up that motor now. Had to crib up an emergency sling from a 2x6 lashed to the sternrails., abnd then use the kayak straps as safety tethers to lift it. and of course dropped those big fender washer into the difficult to recover bilge space...... Now I remember Why I bought the extras last time the motor came off. (when that job is done by oneself.......the visegrips hold the inside nut fairly well but they do not hold the washers.)

Now... Where did I put that 5200?

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