SS rounds at rudder posts...

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SS rounds at rudder posts...

Post by kurz » Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:13 pm

Hello all

My rudder holder is opened quite much... maybe too much?

So I think about putting rounds (maybe 2 to 3 inches diameter) outside. So the rudders shall not open the rudder posts anymore...

Has BWY these rounds?

All the way bad idea?

If I do it myself: How thick shall the rounds be?

Thanks all!

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Re: SS rounds at rudder posts...

Post by Ixneigh » Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:19 pm

Hi Kurz
My rudder brackets have been doing the same thing since I got my boat. While I used several big washers under the heads of therudder bolts to help stop the bending, I believe that part of the problem is slop or looseness in the pivot hole of the rudder. Weather that slop is from wear of the bolt, or wear inside the hole in which the pin goes. I had the plastic ruddercraft rudder upgrade. The plastic holes were slightly deformed. Even if the brackets were tightened very snug, the slightly loose pivot would still allow deflectuon and cause a bending tendency on the bracket. When I replaced the plastic with wood, I installed a bronze bushing inside the hole for the pin and and made the pin bolt of larger diameter. When the new blades were in place, the flexing and bending effect was noticeable less.


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