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Post by Berber Boy » Tue May 03, 2016 11:20 pm

Further to my stolen ETEC 60. Insurance coughed up about 50% for the 2009 Engine and I bit the bullet and purchased a 75HP. Would have liked to have gone to a 90HP which is same size but the Admiral said the budget could not stretch that far :cry:

Have just tried it out for a few days at Paynesville and it has changed the nature of the boat in many ways not just top speed. :D

With just myself on board but full ballast / fuel etc I was clocking 18.6 kn (21.4 mph) @ 4600 rpm that was WOT. Evinrude supplied it with the 13.3/4 x 13 SS Prop. My ETEC 60 used to give me 14. 8 in absolutely windless conditions with the same prop. With five adults and one child our Max at WOT was 16.4 in light conditions.
With three aboard at 1250 RPM it idles along at 2.4 kn and @ 1900-2100 rpm 6.4 kn.
But the biggest change has been in handling the boat at low speed. It feels like the engine controls the boat much better and holds it inline much tighter than the ETEC 60 did especially in windy conditions. It also stops very quickly making coming alongside much better.

I was worried by a WOT of 4600 rpm because max power on that engine is 5200. However Evinrude Australia told me that 4500-5500 is the normal working range and not to worry. Do not have exact fuel figures but it seemed to be very economical.

It is considerably larger and I have had to remove my captains swivel seat mod and will have to revert to the traditional seat that came with the boat. That was left at home but hope it will accommodate. Can any ETEC 75 or 90 owners tell me if the original seat will accommodate the engine and allow it to completely lift out of the water.

Interested in any comments or questions from those who have or are contemplating a power upgrade.


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Post by Gazmn » Wed May 04, 2016 11:55 am

Congrats on making lemonade out of stolen lemons :)

I have an :macx: & can't comment on the seat requirements. If I were you, I'd consider a 5-10" jackplate as a future mod to allow any capt seat you'd like & free up the transom area for exit & entry. It will as well, allow you to completely raise the engine out of the water on a higher setting.

re: your WOT RPMs, I'd try to raise them closer to 5100 by trying a __ x11 pitch prop, even in aluminum; Worse case it can be your backup prop. Don't kick yourself on the 90HP mix. It's more theoretical for our barges than realistic. You have the best chasis for our boats that Evinrude makes. You get the most charging you can get while keeping your oil reservoir under the hood. I had the Etec 90 for 8 years.

You dun good.

Enjoy 8)

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Post by Starscream » Wed May 04, 2016 3:26 pm

Those numbers are pretty good. No reason in my opinion to change props.

Your boat with the 75HP is faster than mine with a 90HP under certain conditions. I can't get past 20.5MPH with ballast in when I am by myself, so you are faster than me with only one on board. However, when I load up with family and gear for a week I still see about 20 MPH with ballast in. Unballasted I can hit 25 mph lightly loaded and 24 mph fully loaded. Motor turns at around 5k RPM with very little change between ballast and no ballast. All this with a 14x11x3 aluminum prop.

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