Good Deal on 26x Enclosure

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Good Deal on 26x Enclosure

Post by taime1 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 4:50 pm

I came across this and thought some of the :macx: owners near or willing to travel to Orillia, Ontario might be interested. It appears to be a barely used Dowsar full enclosure for the :macx:, at a pretty good price.

Anyway, if someone is looking for one, you might want to get in on it fast, as there seems to be alot of hits on the ad. ... nFlag=true

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Re: Good Deal on 26x Enclosure

Post by Starscream » Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:38 pm

Looks like a good deal with respect to the original Dowsar price.

I was looking for an outfit to repair some parts on my enclosure and I came across this company: I spoke to the sales manager about a year ago and at the time he thought that $2,500 cdn would be a fair price to manufacture a whole new enclosure. Granted he hadn't seen the boat in real life and the photos I sent weren't that detailed, so I was expecting the price to go up a bit once he actually saw the boat.

I ended up buying a sewing machine and some UV thread and fixing the thing up myself, but in the future when I need a new enclosure I will go back and try to work something out with these guys.

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Re: Good Deal on 26x Enclosure

Post by Retcoastie » Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:13 pm

Wow! Musta went fast. It doesn't appear to be listed any longer.

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