Exterior lights / switches mod - finally finished

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Exterior lights / switches mod - finally finished

Post by Paul S » Wed Apr 27, 2005 7:46 am

FINALLY got the wires run (for lights and vhf) above the galley to the fuse box on our M. I ended up removing the 3 wires from the outer sheath and running them one by one. That worked.

Anyway..it gave me a chance to finish up my wiring to the exterior lights (running, sailing, anchor, foredeck). I was going to have each on it's own switch..seemed like a waste of 4 breakers. So I made a small switch panel with 3 switches off one of the breakers. I wired 1 switch on/off/on with running/sailing, one for anchor, one for foredeck light.

Works well..I did have to put a diode across the running light switch so the running light did not come on with the sailing lights. I guess I could have done sailing and anchor on one switch, then power on the other. But this seemed more logical to me.

Here is a quickie diagram what I did. http://www.geocities.com/yellow_mgb/mac ... iagram.jpg

I mounted the switchs next to the breaker panel. Looks pretty cool (will post picture later)


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