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New DIY mast support

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:46 am
by romandesign
I have just finished a DIY mast support - drilling the boat was scary, but I seem to not have screwed up with my calculations. Let's hope it holds. Now I won't have to remove and put back the shaky old support every time I rig and de-rig the boat, and I can also now steer with the mast down, in case I ever need it. I took two brackets from the stock support location, roller from the previous owner's shaky DIY support, metal rod from steel shelve supports I found (upper hole is drilled through both pipes so the bolt doesn't let them collapse). I put fiberglass plates on the back side (cutouts form where I installed speakers), so it looks like a good and sturdy support, hopefully, as $0 cost to me. It will also serve as a flag pole, and I will mount antenna on it (I don't have wires or antenna in my mast so this would do), and it's a handy thing to hold on when climbing to stern and using the ladder...