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Simplest way to make stiffer a stock steering on a 26X ?

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:01 am
by Alexis

I have noticed a few posts, or other blogs over the internet (like this one: ... ering.html) which propose what looks like to be as many complete re-engineering of the 26X steering mechanism. My old sailboat would certainly need a tune-up in this area because its steering is neither stiff or precise, though I just don't have the time to re-engineer the whole thing, and I can't weld parts like in many of these proposed solutions... The marina is 1 hour away from where I live and there is no decent hardware store at at least 30' around.

So, I am wondering what are the minimum minimorum things I should consider that are still easily doable in these conditions:

- I was thinking about adding a sleeve above all the threads in the steering contraption (the "Restless" site link above shows a nice picture of a such a device). What are these sleeves made of? Is it something that can be purchased in a hardware store?

- ... what should I consider next?