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Dimensions of the 26M

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2004 3:21 am
by Phillip
Good Evening Everybody.

I have been reading this Forum for quite some time.
I have never sailed a boat before, but that won't hold me back from learning and enjoying myself.
The subjects covered and info shared here is brilliant. I can't believe the assistance you give each other.

I am at the point of getting shipping costs together, to help me make a decision.
Could I ask you for some assistance please.

For shipping purposes I need 3 measurements for a MacGregor 26M.

Length: I believe is 26' 10"

Width: I believe is 7' 10"

Height on a Trailer: this measurement I can not find.

When I have these 3 figures, (LxWxH), I have what is called, I believe, a Revenue Tonne :

Which I;

1.) multiply by the Ocean Rate, then
2.) the Emergancy Fuel Adjustment Rate, and then
3.) the Port Charges Discharge Cost.

That should tell me the cost of shipping. Less Insurance etc. Should this all fit my budget, then I will be back with a lot more questions.

I will appreciate any help anyone can give me concerning this enquiry.

Many thanks