Perfect TV for my X

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Perfect TV for my X

Post by Spirit of the Wind » Mon Dec 20, 2004 2:47 pm


Found the perfect LCD TV for my :macx: on a discount cart at Home Depot in Nashville for $ 274.00. It has an integrated tuner and 2.3 megapixel XGA screen with antenna, S-Video, A/V AND VGA inputs. With a click of the remote I can switch back and forth between VHS video, DVD, antenna and the charting software running on my laptop. It also has an external power brick with an output of ... guess what.... 12 volts! At three amps current draw max, I won't be leaving it on very long while sailing, but under power I'll be able to use it on battery power. Model number is Magnavox 15MF050V.

The base can be removed by removing 4 phillips screws. I'm thinking of fabricating a swinging bracket and fastening it to the forward wall of the head above the aft dinette seat. If it works, I'll be able to either lock it into position facing forward for viewing in the cabin, or swing the bracket 180 degrees so that the TV is facing aft for viewing from the cockpit. Has anyone tried mounting a similar TV in the same location?

With a wireless trackball in the cockpit, I can control the chart display with the laptop closed. Of course, the boat's on the hard for the Canadian winter, :( but I spent last night with my GPS in simulator mode retracing my tracks around Tampa Bay! :)

Bob Cameron