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New 28

Post by No Fixed Address » Mon Feb 28, 2005 5:06 am

Hullo again from Down Under.
Looks like the issue on the Mach 28 is getting some space. I note that Ginieco has passed on some of our conversation. From the horses mouth it is true that negotiations are well under way for the Mach 28 rights to be transferred with a view to producing them in a production line system that could not be warranted in Australia. Our market is just too small compared to the USA, Europe and of course Asia. With a 2.5 meter beam, I am not sure if it meets all USA's states trailerable law requirements. You guys are really tuff on wide loads I hear. Pity, cause the few extra inches on the beam really helps more than you can imagine.

The Mach 28, tooled and built by Mark Mackman of Mackman Boats in Queensland Australia and designed by probably our most capable yacht designer, David Lyons. The Mach 28 is a great boat that deserves to be taken more seriously by the international market place. The huge problem that it has to overcome is that the quality of the build is such that it will never be a "cheap" boat and hence its market will be limited by price - not that folk won't see that it represents great value for money, just that there are many more who can afford a $20,000 boat than can afford a $30,000 boat.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next month or so.


Phil King