M mods - 'cubby hole' - note

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M mods - 'cubby hole' - note

Post by Paul S » Tue Mar 29, 2005 6:07 am

I have seen some mods in the mod (like this one http://www.macgregorsailors.com/mods/fullpics/657.jpg) section for Ms using the space on each side of the companionway.

One thing I have noticed on the boat, is at a dock, using fenders, the fiberglass tends to deflect if the boat is pushded against the dock, especially with a fender. I also noticed that the top of the gap on the dealers demo boat was cracked there. It appears that it flexes quite a bit.

Back to the mods in the mod section, I would be careful docking against a dock, to avoid damage to the hull in that area..now that the hull won't be able to flex there, and the hull around it might deflect..causing a potential crack

I was going to do something similar to our boat...but I was going to leave a 2-3 inche gap from the shelf/etc to the hull

The M hull is a decent thickness..but I would still be careful.