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Re: End of Season Blooze

Post by sailboatmike » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:44 pm

BOAT wrote:Well, one of the nice things about Highlander is that he is not grumpy even though he is "not a spring chicken" - In my case - I have no excuse - I am not even as old as Highlander yet I am grumpy.

It makes people not like me - I get what I deserve.
You lucky thing, I would love people to dislike me, but the grumpier I get the more they seem drawn to me, I dont understand that.

I have no excuse for being grumpy except that I REALLY dislike the attitude of "Entitlement" that many now have. eg. I can park my car in the middle of the street while I run into the shop, because Im entitled to, and if you dare say anything to them you just get a mouthful of abuse back, HOWEVER if you did the same to them they would be in fits or road rage, how dare you block the road while they are trying to get through. Bloody morons drive me to grumpiness

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