Shroud lashing update

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Shroud lashing update

Post by Ixneigh » Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:08 am

Happy to see the site back up. I went to another sailing forum and they had a sticky up warning about accusing other posters of pedophilia...@_@. Apparently it was such a problem they had the sticky on every single page...:p
The internet at large makes me appreciate this site all the more.

Boats back in the water and I've been able to do some day sailing. My only projects planned while in the water are a storm jib, which is ready but needs to be hit with rust remover, and more accent lights on the outside of the boat. These help her stand out. Two boats have been hit here by visitors boating after dark and probably intoxicated. The masthead white lights are easy to miss when near the boat. People are not looking up. EBay has a variety of solar lights and I've ordered a selection to try.
I favor the blue ones.
My Dyneema shroud lashings are working ok but they still need some adjustment. The system looks good though.
I carefully bored out the chainplate holes for slightly larger pins. That will eliminate the point loading on the pin. I used shackles and over size thimbles. Lovely thimbles. Heavy cast stainless. I also replaced the shrouds with 3/16 wire because I found a dubious spot on one of the old ones. (Cracked strand of wire possibly)
I replaced the spreader tips after wrecking one attempting to remove it :p and I'm going to use black painted tennis balls as an end cap to protect the sail.
The Dyneema is interesting material. It weighs nothing. I removed my spare wire from my emergency kit and substituted a length of this. I replaced all the shackles on the mast with new ones by wichard, and relocated the hub halyard block onto the stud for the mast hound. I never liked the oem method. Not sure if this will be any better.

Here's a picture of that lashing setup. The lower shrouds are short because I ordered 75 feet of wire originally intending to only replace the upper ones. The thimbles are the nicest ones I've ever seen. The surface in very smooth and well finished. Just what I needed.

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