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For sale

Post by ASP1978 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:42 am

Hi everybody and happy new year

Recently I joined the club by buying a 2000 MacGregor 26X but unfortunately I will have to let it go.
My wife and I are separating (and no, the boat was not the reason lol) and I will have to remove the boat from the house.
I got this boat with the intention to work on it this winter and have it ready for summer and this is why I parked it on my drive way but it can not stay there anymore.
The boat needs steering system (rack and pinion and as I was told on this forum, the detachable engine steering)
It does not come with the original motor but with a mercury 25hp that I bought from a different source.
I did not had a chance to make the motor run, but I was told it only needs a carburator clean. I did went and got the cleaning and the repair kit but never had the time.

Everything else looks good on the boat. It is on a trailer and it runs fine.
The boat has no title. I have the bill of sale from the person that sold it to me but never went to register it or so.

The price would be the same price that I paid, $4000 that is.

Please forgive me if this is the wrong place for this add but I did not know where else to place it.
I thought it's fair to put it here first before I try to sell it to some dealership or whatever.
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Normally we do not allow boats for sale in the forums, unless the owner has purchased a Classified Ad. However, as it seems that the ability to place an ad has disappeared, I will let this stand. I am locking this thread, so please contat the OP via the email, or PM links to the right.

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