Simple new galley storage?

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Simple new galley storage?

Post by DaveC426913 » Tue May 08, 2018 4:19 pm

Admiral hates galley storage. I am toying with ripping it out and replacing it with something in wood. Not the whole galley, just the guts and face. I don't want to start a project that's too big to chew.

I've looked through the mods section, but there are way too many to one through one-by-one. The pic are mostly for show, not the nitty-gritty.

I'd like to figure out a good (and somewhat simple) way of putting in shelves to make the space more efficient for pots and pans and other kitchen stuff.

What's a good way to attach them without riddling the glass shell with screw heads?
Do I just make a couple of shelves full-width for maximum flexibility?
Do I put a solid floor in? I want access to the bilge, in case I need to clean it or pump it, but is that just asking for gear to be exposed to mildewy-bilge water?
Do I put in some surface bumps in to keep stuff from sliding and banging around?
Do I use all the available space, or do I shore up the back and sides with perpendicular trim, providing less space?
Do I make actual drawers? (No, too big a project).

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Re: Simple new galley storage?

Post by Danhux » Tue May 08, 2018 6:47 pm

Look for a member named Sumner,, he’s done some great mods to the inside of macs. He has great pics and write ups of how and why he did what he did.

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Re: Simple new galley storage?

Post by K9Kampers » Wed May 09, 2018 7:51 am

First, this is a boat...there is no 'simple' / 'somewhat simple' when doing a good galley mod! :D

Over the last twelve years with my :macx: the galley has gone thru an evolution of at least 6+ mod revisions. My galley has never been 'finish quality', as I am always coming up with ideas to improve it. I think I am close to a final design and while it is mostly constructed of 3/4 plywood, my desire is to replace most of the structure with custom modular fiberglass units - for weight savings - but that is not a priority right now.

I've found creative ways to make as few screw holes in the fiberglass liners as possible. Heavy-duty Velcro works well. I've also made custom hooks from SS and aluminium flat stock. Starting with a 6"- 8" by 1" wide piece of flat metal, I fold over about an inch of one end. This folded end slides up between the overlap of the upper and lower cabin liners, hooking over the top edge of the bottom liner. The rest of the length is then bent / twisted to be screwed into the wood cabinet / shelf unit. Using about three of these straps, Velcro, and a few screws / bolts in strategic spots, I've been able to construct / modify some substantial cabinet structures without worry of leftover unsightly screw holes.

My current galley mod described (sans photos) includes; food prep / cook, food storage, cookware, dinnerware, utility, navigation, electronics charging, and dog food / toys.

Using plywood, I've built a counter surface over the factory galley surface, thus raising it about four inches. This extra area will allow for a future draw or pocket storage knives. The Origo stove has been removed and in it's place, a deep in-counter food storage well has been created. Outward from that is horizontal well that holds dishes, plates, tall drinkware and other tall items. Above that is a shelf for smaller drinkware/mugs, etc. Extending the raised counter aft of the compression post, is the Origo stove. Outward from the stove is a storage well for pots, pans & cookware. Above that is a shelf for spices and other what-nots. Above that is a tray for navigation items and the fuse panel / charging port.

The original sink still exists and is mostly used as an in-transit storage well, as I've not decided if I'm going to mod that into something more efficient.

The factory galley insert has been removed and in it's place I've built two deep drawers on heavy duty ball bearing slides. There is also a hinged drawer to access utility storage under the sink. There is no under cabinet floor as it allows for easy bilge access, cleaning, inspection. Things stored in this area can tolerate getting wet, but there is no "mildewy-bilge water" in my boat.

If you have things that slide and bang around, then you obviously have too much space or not enough stuff! :D

Finish trim works if it suits your needs. Ultimately, my 'finished' galley may get trimming - if it ever gets finished! Right now it is in a state of ever-evolving utility - trimming be damned! I will however, be adding a counter fiddle for function not trim. On one cruise, I improvised by clamping a long paddle to the counter edge to prevent plates and food from sliding off while dinner prepping during a long starboard tack!

My drawer project was very involved yet very satisfying when finished and is one of the best features I've added to the boat. It was a drawn out project with a lot of trial & error, individual fit-mark-cut, refit-mark-cut, scrap, rethink, start over, yet well worth the effort.

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Re: Simple new galley storage?

Post by Highlander » Wed May 09, 2018 9:22 am

Don,t u just hate that ! when u spend all summer in the boat & on these bad weather days u sit in her thinking up better ways to store stuff & how to make & design something for a better Mod , take measurements draw designs until u r finally satisfied with what u have come up with then in the half way progress of prefabricating ur design a better idea :idea: comes to mind then u start all over again :( . Then when u finally finish the project & get it all installed & proudy admire ur Mod project :) & the next day u see it & say to urself what if ? :D :D :D .
I like to think out a mod all summer on the boat by the fall I,ll have the design concept figured out to my liking & during the winter with all my measurements in hand I start out with a design drawing,s ,figure out what material & hardware is required & cost , then in early spring I,ll make a cardboard mock-up of my projected mod if possible , then that,s where u start too see the defects or impracticability of ur design concept ! :o :? , then say too urself how come I never seen that when designing that Mod ? :x
Then say to urself proudly thank goodness I made that cardboard mock up first just saved myself a lot of time & money :wink: :)
When I installed two electrical 120v/12v 6"X30" panels on my boat I was really happy with their location then three yrs later I bought three storage hatches one for the aft side of the galley the other two to install in the storage space underneath the galley right where one of my electrical panels was :( but luckily I,d installed the panel off to the side so no big problem as one of the storage hatches would fit in that location after the electrical panel was removed :| , so after the hatches were installed I had to decide where I was going to relocate the electrical panel after much thought I decided to install it on the face of the V-berth beside the head , then after that I decided I did not like the location of the other electrical panel either & decided that space under the front dinette seat would b better served as a cubby hole storage area so off to my marine flea market picked up a nice used cubby insert same size to fit that space , then out came the electrical panel & I decided to cut it into three sections & reinstall into space under the aft dinette seat one facing forward two facing port :)
Spent three yrs designing my galley Hutch before I came up with a concept I though I was happy with ! Yep u guessed it made up my cardboard mock-up & redesigned it lol :)


She,s 90% finished
But as K9Kampers said a Modder,s Work is never ever done ! :D :D :D
when I come up with a thought for a mod I like to search the mods section then pick apart the same or similar mods to come up with the best design from them all & start from there :idea:
So as K9 say,s best of luck on that simple new galley mod ! :P

J 8)

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Re: Simple new galley storage?

Post by ris » Thu May 10, 2018 2:30 pm

Check out ris galley mods. We cut out the whole top just leaving a 1 inch lip to set a piece of plywood on. We also cut out most of the face of the cabinet. We then put a divider between the sink area and the rest of the area. We laid boards on the bottom of the cabinet but did not screw them down so we could access the bilge under the cabinet. We then installed shelves, I think 2 besides the bottom we just laid down. These shelves go about 22 inches back to the hull from the front of the cabinet. We then used white baskets to store stuff in and make retrieval of food easy. Next we put 1/4 inch starboard doors on the cabinets. My wife loved the ease of access and the amount of storage that was under the cabinet. You can glue the boards on the ends of the cabinet to lay the shelves on with construction adhesive but it will by like 5200 if you ever try to remove the end boards.

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