Proper use for my 3 hole Tabernacle

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Proper use for my 3 hole Tabernacle

Post by TheChickenFarmer » Wed May 30, 2018 5:49 pm

Newbie question. My tabernacle has 3 holes. The forward hole was filled with a nice loose 3/8 x 5" bolt that I was able to remove and insert the Y bracket for my mast raising pole. (I think this is called a Gin pole)? The aft hole was filled with a 3/8 x 5" nut with Nyloc bolt. So I guess that stays put forever. The middle hole has a 3/8 x 5" nut and bolt that holds the mast. So after the mast is lowered across the stern, I assume I undue this middle bolt and pull the mast out of the tabernacle and pull the mast up to the bow to attach to the bracket on the bow rail? Is there a reason that there would have been a Nyloc nut on this middle bolt? Is the tabernacle supposed to be hinged? Am I missing a piece or is this all there is to it?

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Re: Proper use for my 3 hole Tabernacle

Post by Tomfoolery » Thu May 31, 2018 4:41 am

It's a hinged system for raising and lowering the mast. Sounds like all the pieces are there, or there would be nothing for the middle bolt to attach to. Are you sure there isn't an inner piece that's hinged on the aft-most bolt?

This is the fixed half of the hinged mast step, that bolts to the cabin roof -

and this is the part that bolts to the base of the mast -

You lower the mast into the crutch, pull the aft bolt (be careful - the mast foot may try to pop up), and roll the mast forward until you can pin the mast base plate to the bow rail using the same bolt used as the hinge pin. There should be two straps on the mast roller that also pin to the mast when it's in that position, to keep the roller from moving around or the mast from popping out when on the road.

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