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Re: $ailed a $eaward 32rk

Post by 1st Sail » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:54 am

The only hesitation on the Seawards is the keel. Just priced a keel repair/upgrade. The later style keel with the beaver tail shaped bulb is $4,600 for the keel, $800 electric winch, $200 dynema cables and shivs, DIY. Factory rebuild labor approx $3k +/- and that is the good news. If the boat has the older style tear drop bulb then then the upgrade is $9,800 bulb, $4,600 keel, $800 electric winch, $200 dynema cables and shivs, DIY. Factory rebuild guess $3-4k +/-.

Transport MX to IL and have to transport the boat $7k each way. $4,500 each way BYOT (bring your own trailer). Oh and the factory aluminum trailer is $11,900. Shipping the Seaward out of MX good luck. I can't even get a quote. First estimate was $11k to the TX border with the excuse that there are a lot of tolls and payoffs! Then $7k to IL. Current Boat US market value for an '09 $110k. Also it needs new canvas ($5-7k) & sails ($3k factory oem), possibly new AC.

Sooner or later we are talking money.

It's my understanding not all Seaward keels need to be replaced. However, the downside cost must be considered carefully. There are two vulnerable areas regarding the keel. The all thread shaft moulded into the keel and bolted thru the bulb and the keel stick (provides internal stability to the keel when lowered, (stainless shaft which protrudes above the cabin top when the keel is up)).

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Re: $ailed a $eaward 32rk

Post by Wayne nicol » Fri Jun 15, 2018 12:21 pm

hey Dave
yup, it was fun chatting!!

i have to say, i really like the look of those seawards- nice traditional styling! Very attractive!!

The naval Architect we are involved with is an absolute genius.
its sure hard to understand him at times, its like talking rocket design with a nasa engineer. and he thinks everyone knows this stuff.
Its quite funny really, he will quote a formula- and say "just use this to check that".
Never mind the formula, but there are symbols in the formulas that i have never seen in my life- and i consider myself a bit of a technical guy :D

but we have come a long way, and we have made a bunch of progress.
i have the new line drawings in my grubby hands, and we are about to build two 5' models.
one of the new proposed hull, and one of the :macm: .
we will test them side by side. to make real-world comparisons.

we know the system works, as he has built other boats with these principles but we will be applying it to the power sailer concept, which is new!!
looking at his other designs, we are anticipating great things!!

we have two test tank facilities lined up to do the testing in the fall. one in Canada and one in the States- so we can compare results.
one of the things we will be testing extensively is, drag resistance in all modes- power mode with a variety of draughts and also sail mode with a variety of angles of heel.
then we will do up the final drawings for the real boat.

the exciting thing about all this, as we wont be building with molds- and wont be restricted with regards to custom changes.
i will be building myself a 33x10. but the hull concept will be adaptable to any size of boat.

i will keep you updated as we go along :) -we are super excited!

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