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Optimum Propeller 26X - 50 hp Yamaha

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:41 pm
by Late2sail
I'm sure this topic has been covered, but have struggled to find info particular to my question through search.
I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with prop sizes/pitch/# of blades to find the optimum "all around' best prop for a 50 hp 4-stroke set-up. I need to take my boat out to collect more data - i.e. max speed and rpm at WOT with ballast empty / full. I recently took it out an achieved max speed 14 mph (I believe my guage is mph rather than kph)? Our boat is kept at a lake and has minimal gear on board. Passengers are typically my wife and I (285# total) and 2 kids (160# total). Usually smooth to light chop. current propeller is Solas YC 25 14 3311-121-09 Any help would be much appreciated.