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Re: New Outboard Recommendations

Post by kurz » Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:11 am

I don't know where you live... Often is said watch for good dealer help.
Here around mostly where are lakes and sea the big brands have their dealers.

So if you have 5years of warenty... no bad so far. As far as the brands are quite similar over all in the same hp range... price was real thing too. Merc was some thousends!!! cheaper than Yamaha... and had 2 to 3 years more guarantee... so my decision was made fast.
And the trust in dealers... How really trust????? I had a problem with the merc... Most of the dealers could not turn out the problem and even had not the interest to do it. How do you know in advance? Finally I got a good one (not the one I bought the motor). It was in the 5th year of garantee... thanks was cool it was for free... even when actually it was becouse of bad gas...

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