1st Extended Trip

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1st Extended Trip

Post by mallardjusted » Tue May 08, 2007 9:10 am

I had made the first short trial run on our 2001X a few weeks back. This last weekend (fri-mon) I got to make a longer run.

We went on our 54th annual Dawgfish Derby (nobody really fishes - just a guy's annual "retreat", with 5 other boats), leaving La Conner Wa on Friday. We were fairly heavily loaded (3 large guys, one Choc Lab, food water and stuff for the 4 days). I'm still learning the boat, so the mast is still at home.

Went up the Swinomish channel, and all the way up to Succia Island in the San Juans (about 32 miles). Smooth water, and with the Suzy 50 at about 5700-5800 sped along at about 13-14 mph gps. Kicked it up to WOT (6300 rpm) for a bit to see how she did - hit 17.2 mph.

Saturday we left Succia for Jones Island (north of Friday Harbor about 8 miles). The wind had picked up to about 15-20 knots, and with the tidal rips it was a fairly slow and choppy ride at about 8mph.

Sunday was smoother on our Way to Friday Harbor. Then on Monday we ran from there back to La Conner (abour 32 miles). We were going against the currents most of this track, and our speeds were thus a little slower in the 11 to 12mph range).

So far, "Aqua Dawg" seems to run pretty good. A rough calculation on the MPG is 4.2. Since a lot of the miles were at about 90% WOT, that seems to be ok. The boat handled some winds well, and I am still pleased with the control of the boat for docking (compared to a regular single screw powerboat). It was a little crowded with 3 adults and a dog, but normally it will be my wife and I and 2 dogs, so we should have a little more breathing room. With a couple more upcoming trips under my belt I'll think about putting the mast back on and start learning how to sail!!

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