Found Some Leaks

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Found Some Leaks

Post by acdave » Sat May 19, 2007 7:04 pm

Well, I've been busy cleaning up my new (to me) 2000x getting her ready to launch next week..... and its been raining ....showing me where I have leaks.
Nothing serious....but annoying.....!

I've seen mentioned on many past posts where windows leak....thats pretty common on a lot of boats....and I have a few too. For now I will add a line of clear silicone around the suspect joints.....but at some point I would like to take the lites out and reset in a good bed of sealant ....and probably while I'm at it ...I should cut in a new opening vent in the Head??

What has worked best for sealant gasket on these windows for those who have already done so?

Has anyone added a vent to the Head without going into the window area? I guess if I have to do it on the window area ....I'd sure like to find a "Black" plastic round (or rectangular) port that would fit....that would sure look better than a white rectangular port on the black lite......any leads ?

My other small leak is at the stem fitting on the bow....the deck trim is pretty wimpy around the tang passing through the is not a tight fit and lacks any sealant. The Factory bedding of most of the deck fittings leaves a lot to the stem fitting water drips down behind the liner into the bilge. I guess I can press in some 4200 around the gap for now. I'm assuming the same is probably happening at the chineplate fittings too?.....but the gap there appears much tighter.

That whole setup on the bow will have to change for extended cruising....I will beef it up, move the bow light to the cabin sides like Duane's Allegro, add a bow pulpit with anchor roller and 2nd detachable stay for a storm jib. :macx: :(

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