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Ol' Reliable

Post by Andy26M » Mon Jun 11, 2007 10:38 am


Last summer I moved and with the move and the new job and new house, etc. my poor Mac stayed dry all summer.

It is amazing how much crud seems to get on and in your boat when all it does is sit in the backyard - been scrubbing and waxing for a week. Not to mention re-running and checking all the rigging.

Yesterday I finally moved her to the driveway and changed the engine oil and lower unit oil. Hooked up the cooling water and primed the fuel, crossed my fingers, and turned the key.

After 20 months of sitting dry, my Honda 50 started up immediately - it made 10 revolutions max before firing up - and purred like a kitten.

I'm pretty happy 8)

See you all on the water this coming weekend!!

- Andy

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