Nissan 50 fixed

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Nissan 50 fixed

Post by Chinook » Sat Jun 16, 2007 7:46 am

I got the boat back yesterday, after treatment by Dr. Todd at BWY. Cause of engine trouble over Memorial Day Weekend (3 flashing indicator lights, running very roughly), turned out to be a failed air injector. Todd said that these injectors had a history of giving my vintage (2001) of the Nissan TLDI some trouble, and even though I'm long out of warrantee, Nissan would cover the full cost of replacing all 3 injectors. Also, while he had the boat, I had Todd check out an occasionally "sticky" centerboard. He found a large chunk of driftwood which had become jammed up in the trunk. He had to wrestle a bit, but got it out of there. Nice work and thanks, BWY. We're looking forward to the Port Orchard rendezvous with a free swinging centerboard and a smooth running Nissan.

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