Racing the New Roller Reefing Main

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Racing the New Roller Reefing Main

Post by mikelinmon » Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:57 am

 ! Frank C (Thread Lock):
All here are excited to hear of any performance improvements by our Macs, much less their racing success. However . . . Heath's Advertising Dealers are prohibited from marketing on this website. In fairness to their continuing financial commitments to this site I have locked this thread, during Heath's absense. Thread locks never occur without a PRIOR PRIVATE WARNING that the Topic includes unacceptable promotion. Such private warning was issued regarding the previous development thread.

WADR to developments by any MacDealer, product assessments are restricted to only the Membership. That is, unaffiliated forum members who elect to post their personal opinions and results of purchased products. This site is is dedicated to user opinions of their boats. Except for occasional press announcements by supporting Dealers, direct Marketing and Promotion are excluded. Individual Dealer websites are the proper venues for product promotions.

The website is about providing information TO Mac owners and enthusiasts, BY owners & enthusiasts. I might later be overruled, but this action expresses my current understanding. Pending Heath's return, the Membership are invited to vote their opinions of the current Policy in the Pub.
The whole thing got just the testing it needed Labor Day weekend . . . (abridged)

The knockdown was flat, everything wet, A-spinn torn and us now in back of pack . . . (abridged)

As far I am concerned, the roller reefing main is ready to go.

Next race was the final Wed nite race at Cal Yacht Club. . . . (abridged)

It is going to be diff to fit to the X boat. . . . (abridged)