Is Denia (Alicante) to Ibiza possible?

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Re: Is Denia (Alicante) to Ibiza possible?

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Hi Be Free!

As a kid my Dad had a mile swim and 45 minute water treading requirement before being able to take the skiff out on my own.
So I started off from the beach with Dad in the boat and me in the water and swam to the marina on the other side and back then did the water treading holding onto a good sized rock. Turns out it was two miles across in each direction, four mile total, and my brothers never treaded water with the rock! I felt slighted and sorta confronted my Dad about it when I figured it out. His reply was that when I was doing what I thought was a total of a mile and did four miles it was because I was more capable than I gave myself credit for. Ditto for the water treading. Everything is really just keeping at something until it’s done and you always have more than you think. It was a paradigm shift that never left me

The point is the nearness to land is a relative thing but being 50 miles out from land is still something I’m not quite mentally prepared for, at least not recreationally. Now if I “had to” that’s an entirely different thing somehow. :D :D Funny quirk. :D :D

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Re: Is Denia (Alicante) to Ibiza possible?

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Killter wrote: Fri Mar 11, 2022 12:21 pm
But I never saw the rule that is forbidden to cross a water that is bigger than 12miles.

So far I crossed 2 times from Corsica to Italien main land. That is more than 60miles... But we watched that we had good forecast...

hi Kurz....This is a Spanish Government rule and only covers Spanish Med. A bit more info below. ... sh-waters/

Interessanting. Nur ist seems to Go Just to boats that are registered in spain... And my M ist Swiss...

In facto they Talk about what you have to carry Like safety Things in each Zone. But do they really Talk that ist fobidden to Sail with a CE C bist in Open Waters? Thus ist mit clear for me....
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Re: Is Denia (Alicante) to Ibiza possible?

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As far as I undertsnad it, it is only for Spanish registered boats. And also as I understand it, it is leggally forbidden to sail a Spanish flagged boat past the zones for which it is allowed.
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