Honda BF50 "kicking" in reverse

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Honda BF50 "kicking" in reverse

Post by DaveC426913 » Fri May 22, 2020 9:43 pm

Just took my SeaSaw in to the mechanic to get the gearshift/throttle tuned professionally and the gearbox checked.

When I shift into reverse, I have two options:
1. Shift gently, causing it to grind the gears
2. Shift not gently, causing it to rev and "buck". (The motor "jumps" with a *thunk* every two seconds or so.)
There is no third option.

I did my solemn duty as a Mac owner to try to fix it myself first, but I could not get the right tuning.

I found out several things from the mechanic, while my SeaSaw was still in the parking lot.

1. The motor is not bucking *on its mount* like I thought it was (and yes, the locking pin is in place). The bucking is actually it slipping out of gear in the lower gearbox. The prop is put under load, then slips, and the load is taken off. This causes the motor to buck repeatedly.

2. This is (according to him, at least) a common problem with Honda O/Bs in particular and Japanese O/Bs in general.

3. I feared it may be stripped and need repair after a summer of this, but he suggested that they can take a bit of this and it might still be OK. He'll know when he gets it apart.

So now I'm just waiting to hear if this will be a three-digit fix or a four-digit fix.
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Re: Honda BF50 "kicking" in reverse

Post by NiceAft » Sat May 23, 2020 10:19 am

Please let us know the eventual solution. There are several owners of the same motor on this board; me included (2003 50 HP Honda four stroke).
Ray ~~_/)~~

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