Honda BF50 Controller on Last Leg

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Honda BF50 Controller on Last Leg

Post by JaxMacX »

Hello all,

I am looking to replace the honda bf50 controller on my Mac26x. I'm very interested in buying a Dometic SeaStar Side Mount Control.

Does anyone have any experience with these: ... ount-3.pdf

I'm wondering if I have the install the guide wires entering from the side. I want to install it on the 26x pedastal with the control wires pointed down. I'm also concerned that i would have the forward and reverse controls inverted? Any thoughts or suggestion from (or alternatives that will work with the honda engine and the SeaStar cables).

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Re: Honda BF50 Controller on Last Leg

Post by DaveC426913 »

I wonder if it's possible to rotate the handle's orientation when installing. If so, you could mount the controller base with cables downward and still attach the handle pointing up as usual.

Perhaps as the manu, and/or see if it can be custom rigged that way.

'course that would prolly void the warranty.

[ EDIT ] Oh shoot. The interrupt/deadman switch may get in the way. :(
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